LANCELOT is an European funded project with a total of 23 partners from 8 European countries who explored how to use live online rooms for certifying on-site trainers to professional live online trainers.

Project titel: LANCELOT – LANguage Learning by CErtified Live Online Teachers
Project number: A/05/B/P/LA-158.239
Program: Leonardo da Vinci, Language Competencies II
Project duration: 2005-2007 (24 months)
Applied budget: ca. 300.000 Euro.


Project idea, writing of all content parts, programmatical parts and partner-related parts of the LANCELOT proposal, key role in coordination of proposal writing, acquisition of most of the project partners (and of all German speaking partners): Dr. Ilona Hündgen, main initiator of the LANCELOT project.

LANCELOT was the very first European educational LIVE online research project. Before LANCELOT only ASYNCHRONOUS elearning was topic of European elearning research funding projects. With LANCELOT Dr. Hündgen originated a complete new branch in the European educational elearning research. LANCELOT was a milestone and showcase in the field of elearning research and business.

As inventor and main initiator of the LANCELOT project is Dr. Hündgen the originator of the European educational live online funding research.


Project Outcomes:

  • a manual for the live online language teacher, providing guidelines on how to acquire skills necessary to teach languages in virtual classrooms (pedagogy / methodology / technology)
  • a guide for the teacher trainers who support the language teachers on their way to becoming professional live online language teachers
  • European certificate, documenting the qualification acquired in the LANCELOT training course.


Active Project Partners:

Cooperation Partners:

Promoting Partners:


Publications about LANCELOT and AVALON

Interview about the genesis of the LANCELOT project



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