Project titel: AVALONAccess to Virtual and Action Learning Live ONline
Project number: 143643-LLP1-2008
Program: Lifelong Learning Programme, Transversal Programme: KA3-ICT
Reference: 143643.2008-LLP-UK-KA3-KA3MP
Project duration: January 2009 – December 2010 (24 months)
Applied budget: ca. 600.000 Euro
Project website: avalonlearning.eu, avalon-project.ning.com, AVALON project website

Role of LearnGalaxy, Dr. I. Hündgen, in AVALON:
– Co-Initiator of the AVALON project (as private person Dr. I. Hündgen and as shareholder of Lancelot School GmbH, which was active project partner in AVALON).

Activities of LearnGalaxy, Dr. I. Hündgen, in the AVALON proposal writing phase in detail:
– 4-5 days fulltime work on the AVALON proposal.
– Counselling of the future coordinator of the AVALON projekt, Dr. Motteram, from the University of Manchester. (Dr. Motteram never had developed an European project proposal and never was coordinator of an European project before.)
– Focussing of the AVALON project proposal (according to the already successful LANCELOT proposal) to „course development“, „demonstration lessons“, „exam“ and „development of a European certificate“. There was no focus but only the general idea of the main AVALON initiator (Heike Philp) to do „something with language learning in Second Life“ before.
– Translation of numerous central parts of the German LANCELOT proposal into English language for easy adoption into the English AVALON projekt proposal by Dr. Motteram.
– Development of the complete quality management proposal input, which was 1:1 included into the AVALON proposal by Dr. Motteram.

Results and remarks:
– The AVALON proposal was approved (tightly, belated from the waiting list). The project was completed successfully.
– The AVALON project is the direct follow-up project of the LANCELOT project (quasi a second LANCELOT).
– All central aspects in AVALON and LANCELOT are the same („course development“, „demonstration lessons“, „exam“, „development of a European certificate“ etc.).
– The AVALON application time was only ca. 4-6 weeks. This short development time was only possible, because all essential parts of the LANCELOT proposal (like course development, exam, development of an European certificate) were reused for the AVALON proposal. Invention and development of a complete new European project proposal with new project partners usually lasts at least one year.